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Kohler Dubai, UAE

Design, information, entertainment and instructional.  A little bit of everything from and or about Kohler.

Moxie Bluetooth Music Showerhead

The Kohler Moxie showerhead allows you to bring the news or music with you while you shower.

Kohler Numi Toilet

Amazing Kohler toilet available and on display at Kitchen & Bath Gallery- The Kohler Signature Design Showroom in Dubai, UAE.

Kohler Commercial

A charming look at the enjoyment of Kohler products in your life.

Kohler Sensate Kitchen faucet.

Keeping messy hands off the the faucet controls makes keeping things clean so much easier. Water on and off with the wave of your hand.

Kohler Sustainable Design, LEED 

Kohler partnered with designers and builders to provide low water consumption products to attain LEEDS and deliver exceptional use and enjoyment.

Discover Kohler VibrAcoustic

Global Kohler. Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. Four women enjoying their Kohler VibrAcoustic® Hydrotherapy bath.

Kohler TV Commercial Whale VibrAcoustic Bath .

Really cool commercial for the VibrAcoustic Bath having a whale travel up a european river to follow the sound to the woman bathing. No possible, but nicely filmed and executed. Good job Kohler! VibrAcoustic is available at www.kbguae.com Dubai.

Kohler Company Showroom in Kohler Wisconsin USA .

Beautiful tour of the corporate showroom in Kohler.  All the products are on display alone and in kitchen and bath settings.  When you go to Kohler Wisconsin, two hours north of Chicago, you can vist and take a factory tour as well.  See the history and walk the tour.

Kallista New Products at the KBIS 2013 show in New Orleans.

The new products tour of the KBIS 2013 show in New Orleans, USA.  Kallista lavatories, faucets and showering systems.

A great Look at The Nearly Complete Life, Kohler SOK.

Really cool commercial for the SOK Bath having an elderly woman speak about her complete life with awards, decorations and accomplishments.  Only to see the SOK tub as she departs and speaks. Good job Kohler! SOK is available in the showroom

Tough Cast Iron from Kohler takes the tough hits.

TV Commercial from Kohler with a great demonstration of the durability of Kohler Cast Iron.  It takes a beating and keeps on looking great.  

ANN SACKS - Industrial Chic meets Classic Chic

ANN SACKS is a Kohler Company that truly demonstrates creativity and originality with their products. A beautiful short film on the creative process to produce these unique tiles.